Directional Boring

Fairway offers Directional Boring services for sub-surface electrical and utility installations, while minimizing the impact of project construction. Perfect for tunneling new Electrical, Gas, and Water Services under existing roads, buildings, rivers and landscaped areas. 

Excavation Services

Fairway is a professional open cut excavation services provider for sub-surface electrical and utility installations using state of the art excavation technology and positioning equipment. With a number of qualified, full time equipment operators on staff, you can be assured our excavation practices are completed in a safe and effective manner. 

Hydrovac Services

Fairway offers Hydrovac Excavation Services using high powered suction and pressurized water, providing the most safe and reliable approach to excavating around existing utilities and underground structures. 

Infrared Thermography

In the electrical industry, heat is not our ally. It's an invisible sign that the naked eye can't detect, but represents a potential problem, and sometimes a life-threatening situation.  Fairway offers Infrared Thermography using leading edge thermal imaging technology from Flir. Thermal imaging is the perfect preventative maintenance approach for identifying problems before they arise in all electrical and utility applications.

Overhead Lighting / Utility Installations & Maintenance

Using a fleet of bucket trucks, RBD's, Cranes and an Elite Staff we are capable of any task in the Lighting, Utility, Maintenance sector. Whether it be re-lighting an entire region with new LED technology, building a High Voltage Pole Line or maintaining Wind Farm Infrastructure throughout the Province of Ontario, Fairway has you covered when it comes to your overhead lighting and high-voltage needs.

Traffic Signal Construction and Maintenance

Fairway is one of the provinces few contractors constructing and maintaining various styles of traffic control systems and infrastructure. Our numerous IMSA certified technicians keep the traffic flowing safely within municipalities all throughout Southern Ontario.

Residential Services

Wiring of new homes, upgrades of existing systems, preventative maintenance programs, Fairway Electrical troubleshoots problems and potential hazards before they can happen. Fairway wants to ensure everyone can feel safe in their own home confident that their electrical system is up to current safety standards. 

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Construction and Maintenance

Fairway has been, and is, the Industry leading Electrical construction and maintenance service provider for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Sector. Commonly known as the ICI Sector, Fairway supports all aspects of both construction and maintenance using industry leading practices for all aspects including but not limited to power, communication, life safety, various building system automation and control.

IT Services

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Sport Field Lighting Construction & Maintenance

Fairway services all aspects of Field of Play and Stadium Lighting Systems. Whether it be an Arena, Multi Discipline Stadium, Baseball Park, Tennis Court, World Class Track and Field Facilitie, Lacross Pitches or Nascar Tracks,  Fairway is the leading local Sports Field Lighting Contractor.  With installations at nearly every University in the province, Fairway has built a reputation of being the Go-To when it comes to Field of Play Lighting in the province of Ontario.