About Us

Fairway Electrical Services Inc. is a one-stop Electrical Contracting Service that offers a turn-key solution for underground power and communication installations.  Fairway Electrical is family owned and managed by third generation electrician, Jason Herd along with three of his brothers, father, and dedicated long-time employees.
Fairway employs some of the best men and women in the industry who have multi-discipline training who continue to expand their experience and expertise.  This has allowed Fairway Electrical to diversify, and grow.  
At the time of its founding in 1991, Fairway Electrical worked almost exclusively in the commercial and industrial division. Currently, nearly half of its work remains in this sector. This includes, among other services, design/build; fire alarm; lighting systems; distribution system maintenance and construction; generator sales, systems and service; and 24-hour service. Today, with a strong team, Fairway Electrical is an all-in underground utility provider, also building large underground hydro structures, parking lot and sports field lighting systems, site security and building wiring. Fairway is also looking forward to another great year building and maintaining various street lighting and traffic control systems with the use of its Hydro-vac and Directional Boring units.